# Title Authors Type Uploaded Registration Payment
1570945950 A Method and Platform for Security Advisory Dissemination Leveraging Web3 Technologies Jannik Lucas Sommer, Magnus Mølgaard Lund, Nicola Cibin and Michele Albano (Aalborg University, Denmark) Full
1570948977 Decision Models for Selecting Patterns in Governance-Driven Blockchain Systems Yue Liu (Data61, CSIRO, Australia); Qinghua Lu (CSIRO, Australia); Hye-young Paik (University of New South Wales, Australia); Guangsheng Yu (CSIRO, Australia); Liming Zhu (Data61, CSIRO, Australia) Full
1570949141 PureLottery: Fair Leader Election Without Decentralized Random Number Generation Jonas Ballweg (Technische Universität Mnchen, Germany); Zhuo Cai and Amir Kafshdar Goharshady (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong) Full
1570949408 Group-Oriented Multi-Signature Supporting Monotonic Endorse Policies in Hyperledger Fabric Peng Zhang, Yongwen Huang and Fa Ge (Shenzhen University, China); Yuhong Liu (Santa Clara University, USA) Full
1570949745 Smart Parking Dapp: A Trust Minimised Smart Parking Solution Nazim Rizvic, Amin Sakzad and Arash Mirzaei (Monash University, Australia); Taha H. Rashidi (University of New South Wales, Australia) Full
1570950093  Efficiency-Enhanced Blockchain-Based Client Selection in Heterogeneous Federated Learning Zhiqi Lei (Beijing Institute of Technology & Yangtze Delta Region Academy of Beijing Institute of Technology, China); Keke Gai (Beijing Institute of Technology, China); Jing Yu (Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China); Liehuang Zhu (Beijing Institute of Technology, China); Kim-Kwang Raymond Raymond Choo (University of Texas at San Antonio, USA) Full
1570950189 Securing Smart UAV Delivery Systems Using Zero Trust Principle-Driven Blockchain Architecture Chengzu Dong, Shantanu Pal, Qi An and Aiting Yao (Deakin University, Australia); Frank Jiang (Australia, Australia); Zhiyu XU (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia); Shiping Chen (CSIRO Data61 & UNSW, Australia); Xiao Liu (Deakin University, Australia) Full
1570950359 BBB-Voting: Self-Tallying End-To-End Verifiable 1-Out-Of-k Blockchain-Based Boardroom Voting Ivan Homoliak (Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic); Zengpeng Li (Lancaster University, United Kingdom (Great Britain)); Pawel Szalachowski (Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore) Full
1570951129 Account Abstraction, Analysed Qin Wang (CSIRO Data61, Australia); Shiping Chen (CSIRO Data61 & UNSW, Australia) Full
1570951941 Towards Scalable Cross-Chain Messaging Joo Otvio M. Chervinski (Monash University, Australia); Diego Kreutz (Federal University of Pampa (UNIPAMPA), Brazil); Jiangshan Yu (Monash University, Australia) Full
1570954183 SCU: A Hardware Accelerator for Smart Contract Execution Tao Lu (Louisiana State University, USA); Lu Peng (Tulane University, USA) Full
1570954265 Blockchain-Based Trustless Fair Payment Protocol for Verifiable Confidential Outsourcing Computation Hiu Long Lee (The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong); Man Ho Allen Au (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong) Full
1570955023 Blockchain-Based Smart Contracts for Land Title Registry Opportunities and Adaption for Fiji Rishal Ravikesh Chand and ABM Shawkat Ali (University of Fiji, Fiji) Full
1570955101 Securing IoT Firmware Dispatch System With Blockchain Vince Biro, Wei-Yang Chiu and Weizhi Meng (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark) Full
1570955710 Cross-Chain Based Spectrum Resources Transfer Technology Across Different Telecom Operators Towards 6G Communication Mengjiang Liu (Beihang University, China); Qianhong Wu (Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain); Kun Wang, Tianxu Han and Yiming Hei (Beihang University, China) Full
1570955752 Fault-Tolerant Verifiable Encrypted Search on Blockchain Xuan Chen and Shujie Cui (Monash University, Australia) Full
1570955787 iBCTrans: A Practical Blockchain-Based Framework for Cellular Vehicular-To-Everything Networks Wei Yao (New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA); Yuhong Liu (Santa Clara University, USA); Fadi Deek and Guiling Wang (New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA) Full
1570955807 Crisis of Trust: Analyzing the Verifier's Dilemma in Ethereum's Proof-Of-Stake Blockchain Daria Smuseva, Ivan Malakhov and Andrea Marin (Universita' Ca' Foscari Venezia, Italy); Sabina Rossi (Universit Ca' Foscari Venezia, Italy) Full
1570955849 A Community-Based Strategy for Blockchain Sharding: Enabling More Budget-Friendly Transactions Zixu Zhang (University of Technology Sydney, Australia); Ying Wang (Hangzhou Dianzi University, China); Guangsheng Yu (CSIRO, Australia); Xu Wang (University of Technology Sydney, Australia); Ming Zhang (University of Xidian, China); Wei Ni (CSIRO, Australia); Ren Ping Liu (University of Technology Sydney, Australia) Full
1570960705 A Blockchain-Based Approach to Improving Smart Home Security With Situation-Aware Access Control Zhicheng Lin and Stephen Yau (Arizona State University, USA) Full
1570940625 Blockchain-Based Identity Authentication Oriented to Multi-Cluster UAV Networking Zesong Dong, Wei Tong, Zhiwei Zhang and Jian Li (Xidian University, China); Weidong Yang (Henan University of Technology, China); Yulong Shen (Xidian University, China) short
1570948417 Incentive Attacks on DAG-Based Blockchains With Random Transaction Selection Martin Perešni and Ivan Homoliak (Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic); Federico Matteo Bencic (University of Zagreb, Croatia); Martin Hrubý and Kamil Malinka (Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic) short
1570949328 Mitosis: A Dynamic Relay Sharding Protocol for Enhanced Scalability Keyuan Wang, Linpeng Jia, Zhaoxiong Song and Yi Sun (Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China) short
1570949330 Understanding the Cryptocurrency Free Giveaway Scam Disseminated on Twitter Lists Kai Li, Darren Lee and Shixuan Guan (San Diego State University, USA) short
1570950033 The Validator's Dilemma in PoW Blockchain: An Evolutionary Game Perspective Liang Liu, Qiao Wang, Stephen John Turnbull and Kazumasa Omote (University of Tsukuba, Japan) short
1570950110 Pricing Mechanism of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Driven by Rarity Design Wenze Xiong, Yetong Wang and Wanxin Li (Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China); Jie Zhang (Xi An Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China); Hao Guo (Northwestern Polytechnical University & University of Delaware, USA) short
1570950421 Fee-Redistribution Smart Contracts for Transaction-Fee-Based Regime of Blockchains Rastislav Budinsky, Ivana Stancikova and Ivan Homoliak (Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic) short
1570954052 Joint Pricing for Carbon and Electricity Trading in Blockchain-Based Smart Grids: A Two-Stage Game Approach Wang Xu, Feilong Lin, Riheng Jia, Changbing Tang and Minglu Li (Zhejiang Normal University, China) short
1570954088 A Benchmark for Different Implementations of Zero-Knowledge Proof Systems Max Kobelt and Michael Sober (TU Hamburg, Germany); Stefan Schulte (Hamburg University of Technology, Germany) short
1570954266 The Blockchain Trilemma Described by a Formula Taishi Nakai (Kyoto University, Japan); Akira Sakurai (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan); Shiori Hironaka and Kazuyuki Shudo (Kyoto University, Japan) short
1570955532 Statically Checking Missing Input Validations in Solidity Smart Contracts - A Case Study Sundas Munir (Halmstad University, Sweden); Mirza Sanam Iqbal Baig (Eagle Games Sweden AB & Halmstad University, Sweden); Mah Noor (Halmstad University, Sweden); Syeda Hina Murad (Högskolan i Halmstad, Sweden) short
1570955637 Multi-Blockchain Model for Data Sharing With Bell-LaPadula Access Control Hsiau Chuen Chong and K. L. Eddie Law (Macao Polytechnic University, Macao) short
1570955664 Mitigate Gender Bias in Construction: Fusion of Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Contract Theory and Blockchain Zijun Zhan (China University of Petroleum, China); Yaxian Dong (The Pennsylvania State University, USA); Daniel Mawunyo Doe (University of Houston, USA); Yuqing Hu (The Pennsylvania State University, USA); Shuai Li (University of Tennessee, USA); Shaohua Cao (China University of Petroleum, China); Wei Li (Texas Southern University, USA); Zhu Han (University of Houston, USA) short
1570955793 AgBIS: A Blockchain-Enabled Crop Insurance Platform Against Adverse Selection, Moral Hazard, and Insurance Frauds Zhonghao Liao, Chaoqun Lu, Mark Mba-Wright, Hongli Feng and Yong Guan (Iowa State University, USA) short
1570955835 ALGOMOVE - A Move Embedding for Algorand Lorenzo Benetollo and Michele Bugliesi (Universit Ca' Foscari Venezia, Italy); Silvia Crafa (Universit di Padova, Italy); Sabina Rossi and Alvise Span (Universit Ca' Foscari Venezia, Italy) short
1570954181 An Evaluation Framework for Assessing IPFS Performance Within a Blockchain-Based Healthcare System Ghassan Al-Sumaidaee (McGill University, Canada); Rami Alkhudary (Paris II Panthon-Assas University, Canada); Zeljko Zilic (McGill University, Canada); Andraws Swidan (The University of Jordan, Jordan) BSS workshop
1570958866 A Video Security Verification Method Based on Blockchain Zhenghang Zhao (School of Cyber Science and Engineering, Zhengzhou University); Yunxia Liu and Hongguo Zhao (College of Information Science and Technology, Zhengzhou Normal University); Yonghao Wang (Birmingham City University, United Kingdom (Great Britain)) BSS workshop
1570960954 A Proxy-Layer Approach to Secure Smart Contract Deployment on Private EVM-Based PoA Blockchains Yonghao Wang (Birmingham City University, United Kingdom (Great Britain)); Jahid Ali (MEER Labs Limited, United Kingdom (Great Britain)); Junaid Arshad (United Kingdom, United Kingdom (Great Britain)); Yunxia Liu (College of Information Science and Technology, China) BSS workshop
1570961213 Omniscient: The Universal Blockchain Oracle Kristin Košťl (Slovak University of Technology, Slovakia); Igor Ďurica (Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia) BSS workshop
1570961408 Blockchain-Powered Dispute Reconciliations for the Telecom Industry Mohammed Alsadi, Ahmed Khan, Salman Danish and Sammy Alnajar (Verizon Communications, USA) BSS workshop
1570962957 MACS: A Multi-Asset Coin Selection Algorithm for UTXO-Based Blockchains Gholamreza Ramezan (A a, Canada); Manvir Schneider (Cardano Foundation, Switzerland); Mel Mccann (Cardano Foundation, Ireland) BSS workshop
1570965496 Trustworthy VANET: Hierarchical DAG-Based Blockchain Solution With Proof of Reputation Consensus Algorithm Zhongxu Dong, Huanyu Wu and Zongyao Li (University of Glasgow, United Kingdom (Great Britain)); De Mi (Birmingham City University, United Kingdom (Great Britain)); Olaoluwa Rotimi Popoola and Lei Zhang (University of Glasgow, United Kingdom (Great Britain)) BSS workshop
1570965530 Towards Confidential Chatbots: A Scalable Decentralized Federated Learning Framework Hongxu Su, Yinyun Long and Cheng Xiang (National University of Singapore, Singapore); Bharath Ramesh (Western Sydney University, Australia) BSS workshop
1570965539 Hardware-Backed IoT Sensor Information Tracking on the Cardano Blockchain Sam Jeffrey Michael, Rathnamala Sankaranarayan, Fayaz Mohamed and Arockia Jesuraj (Sethu Institute of Technology - Madurai, India); Abhra Adhikari, Muthuraja Ramu and Robin Thomas (OliveIoT Innovations Pvt Ltd, India); Hongxu Su (National University of Singapore, Singapore); Bharath Ramesh (Western Sydney University, Australia) BSS workshop
1570965812 Blockchain International Certification Layer Massudi Mahmuddin (Universiti Utara Malaysia, Malaysia); Saeed Alketbi (Universiti Utara Malaysia, United Arab Emirates) BSS workshop
1570961953 Data Interoperability Technology Based on Chain-Network Convergence Haoyu Wang, Jiping Xu and Xin Zhang (Beijing Technology and Business University, China); Cheng Chi and Zihang Yin (China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, China); Yanjie Shao (Institute of Software, China) IBTA workshop
1570962013 A Trusted Sharing Model for Risk Information of Food Full-Process and All-Information Based on Blockchain and Federated Learning Xin Zhang, Xueze Tan and Jiping Xu (Beijing Technology and Business University, China); Song Luo (China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, China); Zhibo Qi (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China) IBTA workshop
1570966171 Trusted Access Control Mechanism for Intelligent Manufacturing Based on Decentralized Identifier Ru Huo (Beijing University of Technology, China) IBTA workshop
1570966185 Blockchain-Based Trusted Data Security Governance Framework and Application Scene Design Yanhong Qiao (VENUSTECH, China) IBTA workshop
1570966187 The Appliance of Decentralized Identifiers in Zero Trust Network Tongtong Cheng (CAICT, China) IBTA workshop
1570966194 A Blockchain Based Trustworthy Space in Cross-Domain Synergy Lin Sun and Xiaoyun Jia (Unicom Digital Technology Company Limited, China); Jiaxi Liu (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China); Yulun Song and Yunlong Xie (Unicom Digital Technology Company Limited, China); Chaoyue Xue (China Unicom, China) IBTA workshop
1570967292 Research on the Development of Blockchain-Based Distributed Intelligent Healthcare Industry: A Policy Analysis Perspective Yang Yue (Dalian University of Technology, China) IBTA workshop
1570967732 The Ecological System of Digital Asset Markets: Based on the Perspective of Asset Trading and Valuation Cheng Chi and Wenqu Chen (China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, China); Hang Liu, Xiaozhuang Li and Fuyu Meng (Central University of Finance and Economics, China) IBTA workshop
1570948845 Demo Paper: Anonymous Authentication on Trust in Blockchain-Based Mobile Crowdsourcing System Guocang Liu, Haoxiang Han, Wenxiu Ding, Shufan Fei and Zheng Yan (Xidian University, China) FBS workshop
1570949555 EMIS: A Uniform Management and Resolution System of Multiple Identifiers on Ethereum Feng Zhao (Peking University, China); Hui Li (Institute of Big Data Technology, Shenzhen Graduate School, Peking University, China); Han Wang (Peking University, China); Shaoliang Peng (Hunan University, China); Xiyu Wang and Ping Lu (ZTE Corporation, China); Qianbin Chen (Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China); Weixiang Huang (China Mobile Internet Co., Ltd., China); Jianping Wu (China Communication Service Construction Co., Ltd., China); Xiang Zhu (China United Network Communications Group Co., Ltd., China); Selwyn Deng (China Unicom Global Limited, China); Hanxu Hou (Dongguan University of Technology, China); Jieren Cheng (Hainan University, China & Director of the Hainan Provincial Blockchain Technology Engineering Research Center, China) FBS workshop
1570958934 Unveiling Vulnerabilities in DAO: A Comprehensive Security Analysis and Protective Framework Chia Cheng Tsai (National Taiwan University, Taiwan) SPB workshop
1570959600 A Cross-Chain Identity Authentication Scheme Based on DID Yirui Bai and Zixuan Liu (Hainan University, China); Xuefeng Liu (Xidian University, China); Xiang Lu (Institute of Information Engineering, CAS, China); Hong Lei (Hainan University, China) SPB workshop
1570959667 SrNFT: Simple Restricted Non-Fungible Token Framework for Transactions With Risk Detection Zixuan Liu, Yirui Bai and Tiankai Xu (Hainan University, China); Haoyu Gao (Hainan University. Oxford-Hainan Blockchain Research Institute, China); Hong Lei (Hainan University, China) SPB workshop
1570960774 Efficient Authentication System Based on Blockchain Using eID Card Liang Liu and Kazumasa Omote (University of Tsukuba, Japan) SPB workshop
1570957373 BranchClash: A Fully On-Chain Tower Defense Blockchain Game With New Collaboration Mechanism Hao Wu, Yueyao Li and Yan Zhuang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, China); Xinyao Sun (University of Alberta, Canada); Wei Cai (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, China) demo
1570958125 A Partitioned Parallelized and Programmable Blockchain System Mingrui Cao (BUPT, China); Bin Cao (Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications, China); Haoyang Li (Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications, China); Qinquan Hu (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China) demo
1570958129 Blockchain-Based Interference Tracing and Coordination in Power Wireless Private Network Kexin Chen, Ping Cao and Wei Wang (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China) demo
1570958596 A Blockchain-Based Full-Process Regulation System for Low-Altitude UAVs Jiaqi Wang, Ping Cao, Wei Wang, Xiang Shao, Dingchen She and Qihui Wu (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China) demo
1570958779 Trusted Industrial Infrastructure: An Efficient and Secure Consortium Blockchain System Pengcheng Xia, Jun Li, Hansen Zhong, Huaxin Xu, Jin Ma, Jingyu Wu and Long Shi (Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China) demo
1570959877 PaaSforChain - From Haul to Plate Jakob S Notland and Jingyue Li (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway); Yanze Wang (Nanjing University, China) demo
1570960020 Validating Consensus Algorithms in IoT Networks: Design and Implementation of a Scalable Blockchain Network Emulator Dancheng Zhao, Bo Fang, Taotao Wang, Shengli Zhang and Qing Yang (Shenzhen University, China) demo