Paper ID Title Authors Type Uploaded Registration Payment
1570949424 A Relation-Aware Cloth-Changing Person Re-Identification Framework Based on Clothing Template Chenshuang Su; Mingdong Zou; Yujie Zhou; Xiaoke Zhu; Wenjuan Liang; Caihong Yuan Regular Research Paper
1570949992 Deep Interpretable Component Decoupled Dictionary Neural Network for Image Denoising in Industrial Cyber-Physical System Lizhen Deng; Yushan Pan; Guoxia Xu; Taiyu Yan; Zhongyang Wang; Hu Zhu Regular Research Paper
1570951026 Semi-Supervised Few-Shot Network Intrusion Detection Based on Meta-Learning Yao Liu; Le Zhou; Qiao Liu; Tian Lan; Xiaoyu Bai; Tinghao Zhou Regular Research Paper
1570956091 Prediction Techniques for Internal Humidity Missing in Emergency Departments Using National Weather Service Environmental Data Bumsik Lee; Gwangrae Yeom; Jongpil Jeong Regular Research Paper
1570959347 Conflict Management in the Near-RT-RIC of Open RAN: A Game Theoretic Approach Abdul Wadud; Nima Afraz; Fatemeh Golpayegani Regular Research Paper
1570961955 Multilevel Classification of Drowsiness States Using ECG With Optimized Convolutional Neural Network Kentaro Taki; Jianhua Ma; Ao Guo; Muxin Ma; Alex Qi Regular Research Paper
1570971429 Intelligent Resource Allocation for Coexisting eMBB and URLLC Trafffc in 5G Industrial Networks Dawei Shen; Ziheng Deng; Minxi Li; Qingxu Deng Regular Research Paper
1570971462 TIDE: A Timing-Deterministic and Efficient Executor for Micro-ROS Zilong Wang; Songran Liu; Xu Jiang; Dong Ji; Yi Wang Regular Research Paper
1570950462 Multi-Party Threshold Private Set Intersection Cardinality Based on Encrypted Bloom Filter Jie Zhou; Daizhao Su; Jiao Deng Research Paper
1570962041 Design of MIMO Antenna for Ultra-Wideband THz Applications Amin Al Ka'bi Research Paper
1570949244 Representing Power Variability of an Idle Edge Node in the Power State Model Salma Tofaily; Issam Raïs; Otto Anshus Research Paper
1570950883 A Privacy-Preserving Federated Learning Framework Based on Homomorphic Encryption Liangjiang Chen; Junkai Wang; Ling Xiong; Shengke Zeng; Jiazhou Geng Research Paper
1570951030 Simulation of Constrained Environments Using ESDS: The Case of the Arctic Tundra Loïc Gugan; Issam Raïs Research Paper
1570951094 Leveraging Relay Nodes to Deploy and Update Services in a CPS With Sleeping Nodes Issam Raïs; Helene Coullon; Antoine Omond; Otto Anshus Research Paper
1570952522 Unsupervised Mobile User Behavior Detection Based on Siamese Neural Networks Yao Liu; Lu Liu; Qiao Liu; Tian Lan; Xiaoyu Bai; Le Zhou Research Paper
1570955202 Improving HDR Rendering With UMTMNet's Multilayer Perception Peipei Liu; Weifeng Qin; Chaoxuan Hu Research Paper
1570957290 Object Classification With YOLOv5 for Electric Utility Asset Inspection Using UAVs Hen-Geul Yeh; Richard H Nguyen; Sean (Seok-Chul) Kwon Research Paper