Travel Guide

The conference is to be held in Ocean Flower Island, Danzhou, Hainan Province, China.

1. About Ocean Flower Island:


Ocean Flower Island (Chinese: 海花岛), or Haihua Island, is an under-construction, artificial archipelago located off the north coast of Danzhou, Hainan, China, west of the Yangpu Peninsula. The project, being built by the Evergrande Group, will consist of three independent islets with a total area of 381 hectares (940 acres). The project has received an investment of 160 billion RMB (US$24 billion). During the 2021 National Day, the island attracted over 200,000 visitors.

-“Dubai of China”

Ocean Flower Island is the world’s largest man-made tourism island, covering about 800 hectares (1,980 acres) – or 1.5 times bigger than Dubai’s Palm Island. This has earned it the nickname “ Dubai of China”. Ocean Flower is made up of three independent, flower-shaped islets. Of these, Ocean Flower Island No. 1 complex was designed as a one-stop international holiday destination. It has 28 major business hubs that include an international conference and exhibition centre, as well as a museum complex, a fairy-tale world, a water park, a botanic garden, a wedding manor, hot springs and an international shopping plaza.

2. Landscapes:

Here are some pictures of Ocean Flower Island:

Bird 's-Eye View of Ocean Flower Island

Botanic Garden

Wedding Manor

Springs Resort

Yacht Club

Custom Food Street

3. Ocean Flower Island on the map:
Click this link linking to Google Map.


Visa letters will be provided by Cybermatics 2023 organizers and will only be issued to attendees who have paid their registration fees in full and are eligible to travel to Ocean Flower Island. When you have completed your registration, provide the information requested and email to the official mailbox of the conference.

It is suggested to apply for a temporary visitor VISA. If an invitation letter is required in your country, please follow the steps below.

  • Confirm the invitation type (conference organization issued or government issued) from the Haikou embassy in your country.

  • After we received your application, we will send you an invitation letter back.


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